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Nihonbasi & Art Aquarium

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I visited to Art Aquarium at Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Many goldfish have been displayed beautifully!
about goldfish >>click here

The beauty of Japan is not only ‘Wabi / Sabi’. I think that they can be categorized into three types.

  • Elegant beauty of royal family
  • Chic beauty of Samurai
  • Glamorous beauty of the townspeople

In Edo period, Nihonbashi was the most prosperous town. It is often drawn in Ukiyo-e*. Art aquarium was a space where a blended with glamorous atmosphere of Edo and contemporary technology.
*Ukiyo-e >>


About Nihonbashi, Western-style statues of eidolons are famous. This was produced in 1911. There is a restoration model of wooden Nihonbashi in the Edo period at the Edo-Tokyo Museum. It is impressive museum! If you are interested in Edo life, I also recommend Koto Fukagawa Edo Museum, too.


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