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Atelier and Tools

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When creating something, we need large-scale facilities and many tools sometimes. But HANKO can be made with little space and some tools.


deskIt is my work desk. It is usually put in the corner of my room. It is truly a dressing table. And I use a small stool and a donut cushion.


Tools and materials

Let’s see the inside of the desk.





The shape and the size of HANKO is depending on the application. According to the order, I choose several the materials to use. Because they are natural materials, there are some differences in color. So, in the end the customer chooses.

Writing utensils and dictionary

At first, we designing the characters, when making HANKO. In order not to design incorrect characters, check all character using dictionary.

Brush / Ink / Inkstone


When designing character and drawing draft on materials, they are used. To separate the carved place and other, using 2 colors. Hanko craftsmen not only making Hanko, but also writing invitations and certificates. So calligraphy tools are used frequently.
I also use paints, pottery dishes and western painting brushes, etc. The reason is simple. It is easy to use and familiar for me (I am from Western painting and design). Especially the pottery dishes are my favorite tools. Even after acrylic paint dries, it can be cleaned. Also, the edges of the dished are round, there is no rough sense of resistance when placing the brush.




They are used to carve HANKO. There are flat blade type and a slanted blade type. Flat one carve Hanko, then slanted one makes HANKO smooth. They are cared often with grindstone.
I use a cutlery case to contain them.



HANKO is too small to grab with hands, when carving. So wooden table which looks like a box is used to sandwich HANKO to make well balance. There is stick type, too. Although I also have it, I can not use it well yet. When using the stick one, a cushion is used to stabilize the arm at the same time.


It is a small plate with sandpaper. Used to smooth the surface of HANKO.


HANKO characters are engraved in inverted condition. So mirrors is often used to check the balance. My workdesk was a dressing table before, so mirror is set up.

Paper / Mat / HANKO Ink


In order to clearly put the seal which is finished product, put the paper on the mat and stamp it. Rubber mat is enough well. However, craftsmen use a mat of bamboo leaves to stamp more beautifully. There are various kinds of HANKO Ink. Find your favorite red colors. I am using bright vermilion in a pottery.

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